From a curiosity turned into a hobby emerged a passion for film making. Throughout this journey, my style and technical skills have evolved constantly with a drive to do a better than the previous project. Working on my own projects give me tremendous satisfaction, however I like to challenge my comfort zone by working on someone else’s.

Cat3 Productions is driven by these three words. Explore, Discover, Capture. Explore the world, Discover with open eyes and Capture the magic moments on camera. Better yet, I want to make the best films I can and never believe there is nothing else to learn.




The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself

Peter Jackson (The Hobbit)


I live in the Phoenix area, in beautiful Arizona where I continue to develop my camera skills and storytelling.. I believe these are the two ingredients to make compelling films. I want each of my films to be different in terms of approach, storytelling and technicality, It is the only way to stay challenged.
Why do I make films? I don't know. I just have to.

Cat3 Productions 2016